Dadish 2: The Leaping Radish Coming Back To iOS Soon (Trailer + Release Date)

The phrase “it’s not worth radish” is very poorly established here. Dadish (App Store Link – free – iPhone / iPad) tells the story of a radish who is also a father (a “father” radish, i.e. a … father) looking for his 40 children scattered in nature! Beyond the crazy theme, this title from developer Tom Young is a real pearl of platformer, and we’re very excited to be directing the little jumping radish.

Those who haven’t overdosed on Raphanus sativus will be delighted to know that Dadish 2 is on the way, and once again the little red and white rascals did nothing but their dirty little radish head! The first trailer reveals an artistic direction that is still so crazy and cute (chewable … radish) and the gameplay is again largely inspired by Super Mario Bros. which is not a bug … Dadish 2 is released in the game. ‘App Store on January 18th. The game can already be pre-ordered at this address.

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