Apple would still be working on an internet search engine

For many observers and analysts, there is little doubt that Apple is working on its own Internet search engine to overcome its dependence on Google. Several references point in this direction, in particular a patent that has just been validated by the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office). This patent covers a new search result ranking system, with Apple finding that existing search engines deliver most of the results in bulk, quickly inundating the user with irrelevant links. Apple envisions a new classification system for results based on an influence index. This impact assessment could be based on an analysis of the domain links.

Our colleague PatentlyApple succeeded in describing the process (which is not the case given the openly hermetic nature of the patent): “The impact ratings are developed by assigning a minimum impact rating by default to each domain in a corpus of domains that they provide If elements such as web pages are used, the default minimum score is updated based on the number of links to a domain. A domain that references or refers to another domain contributes part of its influence value or donates it to another domain during the update process of the influence assessment. The final result of updating the drivers results in a data set in which all domains have a positive non-zero impact factor, with some domains having significantly higher drivers than others. Areas. “”

Apple never speaks openly of a “search engine,” but it is difficult to see what else the above software technology could be used for.

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