Apple Car: Patents are piling up

The Apple Car would indeed be under development in Apple’s labs. Some analysts (or Elon Musk) still doubt the relevance of this project, which doesn’t prevent Apple from increasing the number of patents … which leaves no room for doubt. Two “Apple Car” patents have been exhumed by the USPTO in the past 48 hours. These patents relate to technologies for detecting objects in the immediate vicinity of a moving vehicle. The patent 10,872,228 describes a detection technology (LiDAR or other) that can not only detect 3D objects around the vehicle, but also assess the size of these objects and the relative distance between them and the vehicle.

A second patent examines the concept of a battery of sensors (some of which are ultrasonic) placed around the vehicle. This echo detection system (like sonars) would, in turn, aim to detect unforeseen or rapid events that could occur in the vicinity of the Apple Car.

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