5G: Orange and SFR were attacked for misleading business practices

The Association for Consumption, Housing and Living Environment (CLCV) has decided to attack Orange and SFR against 5G. She accuses the two operators of engaging in fraudulent business practices with the new cellular network. They have switched on 5G for the past few weeks.

For CLCV, 5G corresponds to “no urgent need”. The association is based on a survey of around 1,000 people. 73% said they were satisfied with the current 4G coverage. In addition, the association criticizes the fact that 5G will not be completed before 2030. In other words, operators should stick with 4G and only offer 5G when the rollout is complete.

CLCV also points out the price increase for 5G packages at Orange and SFR. SFR’s 80GB package ranges from € 20 / month to € 25 / month for those who want 5G. At Orange, the price for a 70 GB plan increases from € 19.99 / month to € 24.99 / month. “These plans not only increase 25%, but often come with a twelve month commitment. », Denounced François Carlier, General Delegate of the CLCV at the Parisian. “So that the consumer has to pay heavy fines if he wants to change his mind,” he continues. He also mentioned the need to buy a 5G compatible phone in order to use the new network.

The transparency of orange and SFR is annoying with 5G

Another complaint concerns the 5G coverage itself. The CLCV General Delegate notes that the French don’t really know where 5G exists today. So you should visit locations that refer to antennas for more details.

It doesn’t end there in reality. The association also criticizes the speeds offered with 5G. Officially, 5G allows higher speeds than 4G. “None of them indicate the flow rates observed in real life, since all have a maximum theoretical flow rate,” explains the association.

This all adds up to the CLCV’s complaint against Orange and SFR for misleading marketing practices. “The French will take these packages out for Christmas without access to the new service that has long been promised! », Summarizes François Carlier. The trial before the Paris court will take place in May 2021.

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