TSMC: Apple would take over the entire 3-nm chip production

We already knew Apple was TSMC’s only customer for chips engraved in 5nm, an exclusive relationship that would extend to 3nm chips! A source “close to the industry” confirms that the founder Apple would reserve its 3-nm manufacturing processes for the future processors of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac (Apple Silicon) as a priority. According to reports, Apple has already reserved orders for Axe and Mx series processors. The first tests are planned for next year.

Another source states that TSMC would be nearly able to produce 600,000 “3nm” chips per year (or 50,000 / month) before a ramp up in 2022 was planned. TSMC would need orders worth d300 million units to repay its heavy investment on the 3nm. Earlier rumors counted on an A16 (2022) processor engraved in 3 nm. For its part, TSMC says 3nm chips will enable energy efficiency gains of around 20-25%.

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