Mac sales skyrocket in the third quarter … before the arrival of the M1

The trend is confirmed: Mac sales rose dramatically in the third quarter of 2020. Indeed, Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall confirms that Mac sales grew 50% in the quarter, well in excess of the sector’s overall growth (+ 18% of PCs sold). . Rod Hall anticipates that Mac sales of Macs with M1 processors will continue to grow. 81.8 million PCs and Macs were sold in the third quarter, 18% better than the same period last year (and 11% better than Goldman Sachs’ already optimistic forecasts).

For its part, Apple would have sold more than 6 million Macs in the third quarter, allowing Apple to consolidate its 4th place among computer manufacturers behind Lenovo (1st), Dell and HP. The PC (and Mac) market as a whole would have generated sales of $ 62.5 billion (+ 3% from 2019), which in turn is well above Goldman Sachs’ original forecasts.

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