Mac M1: a Nintendo Switch emulator for video games

Sera Tonin Brocious customized the Yuzu emulator to play Nintendo Switch games on the Mac M1. This is just the beginning for now and everything is far from perfect.

The Switch Emulator for Mac M1 starts some titles randomly. This is especially the case with Super Mario Odyssey. However, there is a problem when you start a new game and begin the adventure with the plumber. The developer was also able to put The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But she doesn’t do a demo to see how it works on the Mac.

I’m so damn proud of it. It only comes into play a few frames before it hits the first MoltenVK constraint, but damn it.

– Sera Tonin Brocious (@daeken) December 20, 2020

Sera Tonin Brocious explains that Joy-Con will be recognized by the Switch emulator on the Mac M1. His emulator is based on MoltenVK, a runtine library. It has its limits, hence the problems with Super Mario Odyssey. But as I said, this is just the beginning. Progress can still be made to have a better experience.

When can users expect a switch emulator on ARM Macs? There is no date yet. It’s going to be a little complicated anyway. Nintendo doesn’t like emulators at all, regardless of the medium. The group goes in search of ROMs (i.e. games). Much remains to be done on the Switch. Even on Windows, Yuzu struggles with many games.

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