Free Fortnite: Epic and Samsung send Galaxy Tab S7 to influencers

Epic Games collaborates with Samsung on its “Free Fortnite” campaign and gives influencers Galaxy Tab S7 tablets. You are also entitled to a jacket with “Free Fortnite” on it.

A message accompanies the gift explaining the use of the phrase “Free Fortnite”:

Fortnite was named Game of the Year 2020 in the Samsung Galaxy Store. To celebrate this, we partnered with Samsung to send you a special box of #FreeFornite gear.

Although Fortnite is not currently available on the App Store or Google Play, you can download the latest Fornite updates directly from the Epic Games app on the Galaxy Store. Spread the word #FreeFortnite.

😳 #freefortnite

– Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy) December 21, 2020

Apple took Fortnite out of the App Store last August. This followed the behavior of Epic Games. The studio added the ability to pay in-game bypassing Apple’s payment system. The rules of the App Store prohibit such a practice. Google has done the same thing on the Android side for the same reasons.

Apple and Epic Games are now facing each other in court. Epic took the opportunity to launch a campaign against Apple. He is heavily dependent on the help of players in social networks with “Free Fortnite”. The studio believes Apple is pursuing anti-competitive practices with its app store by preventing developers from using alternative means. He also criticizes the fact that developers are required to use his payment system and therefore pay a commission of 30%.

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