Doodle Jump 2 makes jumps on iOS (App Store Release)

Doodle Jump was one of the first phenomenon games on the App Store. The addictive Doodle Jump, started in a still-stammering application store in 2009, quickly became a monumental success, almost a social phenomenon, to the point that Lady Gaga’s dancers at the time were wearing costume in the colors of indie game carried! Doodle Jump 2 (App Store Link – Free – iPhone / iPad) won’t revolutionize the basic formula, but the pleasure of playing it will remain.

We find the same DA and its graphics that seem to come from children’s drawings, the same gameplay, but we are entitled to new characters and especially new worlds to jump onto: the world of the caves with their dinosaurs, the world of Desert and its geniuses on the lamp, the world of dreams, the world of aviation, the world of space and its moon cheese platforms (and why not?), The world of rain and the world of disco. I’ll be back…

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