Apple Car will be Tesla’s ultimate competitor

The Apple Car is talking about it right now, especially according to information from Reuters that is causing production for 2024. Analysts at Morgan Stanley Bank believe that the Apple Car will compete with Tesla more than “classic” automakers.

The arrival of the Apple car would be an opportunity “to enhance the driving experience through the vertical integration of hardware, software and services,” according to analysts. They add that Apple will settle in an industry that is consistent and evolving quickly.

Like Tesla, Apple has key elements to get its Apple Car to market. Analysts cite money, the ability to hire talented people, a rich ecosystem, and talent for design.

Apple with the Apple Car and Tesla have the same vision: to put technology at the center of the autonomous car. Analysts say on the subject that the iPhone manufacturer can bring “new innovations in terms of autonomy and renewable technologies”.

Also, Apple is already interested in several items that can be used with its car. There’s the screen, the processor, the battery, the camera, and the sensors. This should help him design his car. But we still have time before we find out.

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