Apple is responsible for unpaid wages at the Wistron plant

Under Indian law, Apple plays a role in unpaid wages at Wistron’s iPhone manufacturing facility. A few days ago there was major riot during which workers searched the construction site.

Wistron has promised employees at the iPhone manufacturing facility a salary of Rs 21,000 per month. In fact, the wage was Indian rupees 16,000. This caused the anger and with it the unrest. Since then, both the Indian government and Apple have had an ongoing investigation. In addition, the government investigation confirmed that there was indeed a violation of the Labor Code.

It was Wistron who paid his workers. According to the Indian law cited by the Economic Times, Wistron’s customer (in this case Apple) also bears a responsibility. Tim Cook’s group should therefore have made sure that Wistron pays its employees well. In addition to Wistron, the Indian government could therefore also ask Apple about this matter. The subcontractor assembles the iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE.

This weekend, Apple announced that it was ending its relationship with Wistron. The current agreements remain in effect. However, Apple will not sign any new contracts until the matter is resolved by its partner.

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