Apple Car: Production would take place in 2024

According to Reuters, Apple intends to start production of its autonomous Apple Car in 2024 with “innovative technology” for the battery. This technology would significantly reduce the cost of batteries. It would also increase the range of the car.

Apple reportedly plans to use a unique “single cell” concept that inflates the various cells of the battery and frees up space in the battery by eliminating modules that contain battery material. Apple is also thinking about the chemical makeup of the battery called the LFP or lithium iron phosphate accumulator. It is inherently less prone to overheating and therefore safer than other types of lithium-ion batteries.

This new battery technology for the Apple Car in 2024 would definitely be important. “This is a new step. Like the first time you saw the iPhone, ”the source told Reuters.

In addition, a major challenge for Apple is to find a partner who can produce its Apple Car. Canada’s Magna International and Apple discussed it some time ago. But the project was eventually abandoned between the two groups.

This morning the Economic Daily News announced production of components for the Apple Car for the second quarter of 2021. The Taiwanese media had also mentioned a release for September of that year. It looked suspicious considering how little it had leaked. An announcement in 2024 seems more likely. Additionally, it’s pretty consistent with some of the fluff noise that has been circulating over the past few months.

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