Apple Car in 2021? Apple’s car is almost ready

There’s movement on the side of the Apple Car, so much so that Apple would unveil its electric car in the third quarter of 2021. According to the Economic Daily News, Apple has taken the lead in development. So far there have been rumors of a release in 2023.

Apple Car for September 2021?

Apple has reportedly asked Taiwanese suppliers to prepare to produce Apple Car components for the second quarter of 2021. This would give him time to produce his car for marketing in the third quarter. Apple would even target September. Should we expect to have the car at the same time as the iPhone 13?

We also learn that Apple quietly tested dozen of Apple Car prototypes on California’s roads. As a reminder, Apple received a license for this topic in 2017. It was currently mainly used for Lexus brand SUVs with LiDAR equipment.

Be careful though …

However, it’s good to take this information from the Apple Car for Q3 2021 with a grain of salt. Economic Daily News is the first to report on such a tight publication. But the Taiwanese media had good information in the past. In particular, he announced what the iPhone SE (2020) would be a year before its release. The website also announced the 11-inch iPad Pro ahead of Apple’s official release. But he was wrong. His flaws include an iMac game on WWDC and AirPods Pro of different colors.

Apple has been working with Project Titan on cars for a number of years. According to rumors, it was initially an autonomous electric car. Then Apple would have run into difficulties. This would have prompted him to start with a “simple” autonomous driving system. The latest news is that the project is now being led by John Giannandrea instead of Bob Mansfield. John Giannandrea is the head of Artificial Intelligence and Siri at Apple.

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