Anti-tracking in iOS 14: Facebook’s criticism is “ridiculous” according to EFF

In the past few days, Facebook has launched a major offensive against the new anti-ad tracking system that will be implemented in iOS 14 in 2021. This system doesn’t prohibit tracking, but it does require the affected apps to get approval from the user (but what horror isn’t it?). Tim Cook responded to Zuckerberg’s long complaint by stating that users should have a choice, and we now learn that the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), which however is generally not kind to Apple, totally judges the words of Facebook’s CEO “ridiculous”.

The very long reaction of the EFF undoubtedly deserves a nearly complete transcription as it turns out to be cumbersome and detailed: “Facebook recently launched a campaign that prides itself on being the protector of small businesses. This is a ridiculous attempt by Facebook to distract you from its poor track record on anticompetitive behavior and privacy as it tries to derail Apple’s new privacy rules. Rules that are bad for Facebook’s business.

It should be an obvious basis to require trackers to get your consent before tracking you on the internet. We applaud Apple for this change. Facebook, which has built a huge empire around the concept of tracking everything you do by apps selling your data and sharing it with a seedy group of third-party companies, wants users and decision makers to think differently.

Facebook brags about protecting small businesses in this case, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Facebook has placed them in a situation where they are forced to be sneaky and malicious towards their own customers. The answer cannot be to defend this broken system at the expense of the privacy and control of their own users.

Overall, AppTrackingTransparency is a huge step forward for Apple. If a company does the right thing for its users, the EFF will support it, just as we will continue to crack down on companies that do bad things. Apple is right here and Facebook is wrong. Next step: Android should follow with the same protection. It’s up to you to play Google. “.

This is likely to isolate Mark Zuckerberg a little more, as the latter hasn’t really received much support since starting his anti-Apple crusade.

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