AirPods Max: Update to firmware 3C16

The AirPods Max are eligible for their first update, with the firmware being updated to version 3C16. The helmet was originally supplied with version 3B71. Like the updates for the AirPods and AirPods Max, that for the headphones was also done quietly.

Apple doesn’t say what the 3C16 firmware does for AirPods Max compared to version 3B71. There are definitely some bug fixes. But we don’t know any more about it. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a changelog. With updates from iOS, macOS or watchOS, it is the other way around, where the manufacturer shares all developments. Compared to the first version, there doesn’t seem to be any new functions anyway.

The 3C16 update for AirPods Max is installed automatically in the background without user intervention. To check the firmware, go to Settings> General> Information, then go down and select your AirPods Max. The firmware version is in the “Version” line.

There’s no way to force an update to be installed on AirPods, regardless of the model. It is a shame indeed. For example, Apple offers a manual method with iOS.

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