India: Apple ends relationship with Wistron after unrest

Apple has decided to end its relationship with Wistron following the riot at its iPhone manufacturing facility in India. The employees searched the construction site with regard to the working conditions. The low salary is one of the problems.

In a statement to the American press, Apple said it was disappointed with Wistron’s behavior in India:

As always, we strive to ensure that every member of our supply chain is protected and treated with dignity and respect. We are very disappointed and are taking immediate action to resolve these issues. Wistron has taken disciplinary action and is in the process of restructuring its recruiting teams and employees at Narasapura. Apple employees, as well as independent reviewers, will monitor your progress.

Wistron also responded to the unrest at its factory, which makes iPhone SE and iPhone 7. The subcontractor admitted that some workers did not receive normal wages. “It’s a new facility and we realize we made mistakes in our expansion,” says Wistron. The group promises new protocols to ensure the administration and payment of salaries. In addition, Wistron has initiated a dismissal procedure for one of the department heads in India.

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