The iPad with an OLED screen wouldn’t arrive until 2022

The iPhones already have the right to an OLED screen, and have been since the iPhone X in 2017. This is not yet the case on the iPad … and we will have to wait a little longer to get them. According to analysts at Barclays Bank, Apple will offer an OLED screen on its iPads from 2022 and not sooner.

Recent noises from the halls pointed to an OLED display on iPads for the second half of 2021. But Barclays analysts who have spoken to Apple suppliers think this is unlikely. Apple obviously had no plans for such iPads for the next year. It wouldn’t be on his roadmap.

Before you have an iPad with an OLED screen, however, Apple should offer an iPad with a mini LED screen. All the rumors agree that it will be ready for the first half of 2021.

Barcalys analysts sometimes have good information. They were the first to announce the removal of the power adapter from the iPhone box. Few people believed in it at the time. And yet … you were correct in removing the jack adapter from the iPhone XS and XR. They also announced the withdrawal of 3D Touch with the iPhone 11.

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