Riots in Wistron iPhone factory: Labor Code violations have occurred

The case of the riot at the Wistron iPhone manufacturing facility in India is still being discussed. The Indian government has decided to open an investigation into the situation. The first results fell: there were significant violations of the Labor Code.

Low wages, late payments, irregular working hours and poor working conditions. These are the main problems with the Wistron manufacturing facility in India. This is responsible for the production of the iPhone SE and iPhone 7.

Around 150 workers were arrested for an illegal gathering and riot, according to the Indian government report, which was viewed by the South China Morning Post. There were several thousand demonstrators in total. Local police want to investigate 5,000 demonstrators.

Karnataka: # Violence at the Taiwan-based #Wistron Corp’s iPhone manufacturing facility in Narasapura (Kolar District) near #Bengaluru.

Employees say they were not paid properly.

– TOI Bengaluru (@TOIBengaluru) December 12, 2020

According to the report, Wistron employees were unaware of the poor working conditions faced by employees. The team adds that it doesn’t have enough human resources to manage the plant’s 10,500 employees, including 8,500 who come from outside.

The manager of the Wistron plant in India says he is working with authorities to prevent the same incident from happening again. Wistron estimates that the damage caused by the unrest amounted to 5.72 million euros.

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