Orwell’s Animal Farm: The Nerial Studio Delivers an Overly Political Game (App Store Release)

Even if we can say that in some ways “everything is political” (which can lead to perverse effects in the strict sense), it is very rare that video games address the political issue directly. is to say the real question of “city administration”. Orwell’s Animal Farm (App Store Link – 4.49 Euro – iPhone / iPad) is a political and educational game based on Orwell’s masterpiece.

The work of the British writer (published in 1945) is an uncompromising criticism of Soviet totalitarianism at the time. Beyond the Soviet Union, Orwell exposes the possibilities of tyrannical aberrations inherent in political ideologies aimed at the better of all possible worlds … ideologies that produce the worst most of the time (although very often they are already good) enough to be for one just fight better world).

Animal Farm (the game like the drunk) features farm animals freed from the yoke of humans. But this time the player decides on the distribution of resources, the propaganda and, more generally, which animal is “more equal than the other”. Certain events in the game have been modernized in relation to Orwell’s work, which makes it understandable that the excesses mentioned in 1945 apply equally well to many of the radical ideologies of our time. We are not going to quote anyone, but we are thinking of all these political theories, which are based on principles of “social engineering” and above all aim to change people’s behavior rather than offer them more dignified living conditions. The creators of Reigns have just dealt a big blow. Obviously to be recommended.

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