Mythic Quest (Apple TV +): COVID clusters create tension between Rob McElhenney and the film crew

Mythic Quest is a fun Apple TV + series that chronicles the daily life of a video game studio run by a quirky creative. But backstage the atmosphere wouldn’t really be laughing. In fact, Variety claims that several members of the film crew are complaining about the health measures being taken to prevent COVID clusters. Rob McElhenney, producer and lead actor of the series, had assured at the beginning of the month that the shooting conditions were absolutely safe. This optimistic claim was challenged a few days later by the emergence of multiple cases of COVID in the staff, which resulted in filming being temporarily suspended.

Rob McElhenney would have loosened hygiene measures while filming his Mythic Quest series

Despite these reported cases, Rob McElhenney defended the health measures taken on set: “So far there has been NO evidence of transmission at work. Our complex continues to be one of the safest places to be outside of your home. That statement was described as “bullshit” by one of the people on the film team who recently caught the virus. According to this source, 12 cases of contamination would have come from CBS Radford Studios (where many of the scenes on the series were filmed). A second technician would have confided to Variety that the hygiene measures had indeed been applied at the start of the shooting … but that that discipline was largely relaxed afterwards.

Rob McElhenney, who was attacked from all sides, used his right to answer: “Our medical staff did everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our crew. We have all worked tirelessly to expedite the exchange of clear and accurate information in a timely manner. No decisions were made or information published without the support of science. As all productions see, it is impossible to completely exclude the risk. CTEH, our public health scientists and consultants, and our entire manufacturing team followed the protocols established by CDC, LA County, SAG / AFTRA, and DGA. We will continue to follow the recommendations of science and work as safely as possible. We are very proud of the hard work, patience and commitment of our actors and our team. “”

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