May the force be with you: KOTOR 2 is available for iOS (App Store Release)

So many emotions! Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords alias KOTOR 2 have arrived in the App Store (App Store Link – 16.99 euros – iPhone / iPad). Aspyr Media studio brought the cult game to mobile phones and the result is as expected. The game is a bit smoother and sharper than the original title, the soundtrack has been remastered, but we shouldn’t expect miracles: KOTOR 2 remains a gem in terms of content and game mechanics. “Roleplayers”, his scenario is really worth the detour, but technically it is a game from another time (from 2004 to be precise).

Retrogaming enthusiasts should therefore be in heaven, the rest … should find out a little before falling in love with a game that is still priced at 17 euros. In terms of the story, KOTOR 2 picks up on a theme that keeps popping up in Star Wars lore: the Siths practically wiped the Jedi out of the galaxy, but one Jedi, you, still defies the intruder … Finally we note that the famous TSLRCM mod that completes parts of the game that were visibly rushed when it was released in 2004 is available as a file for this version of iOS (installing the mod requires a little hacking, be so be careful …).

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