Justice: Apple collaborates with Broadcom to overturn Caltech’s favorable judgment

Apple still has it down, and so does Broadcom. Earlier this year, the two companies were ordered to pay heavy damages to the prestigious California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for multiple patent infringements related to WiFi technology. The judges sentenced Apple to a hefty $ 838 million fine, with Broadcom fined $ 270 million. Caltech had taken advantage of its legal advantage and appealed against this judgment last May. The research unit then estimated the damage should be doubled, or 1.7 billion fines for Apple. This would be unheard of for infringement of some patents.

Apple and Broadcom, in no doubt the bill will go up, have just teamed up to convict the first ruling in January. The two companies have jointly signed a report to identify the numerous “errors of law” that allegedly affected the lawsuit. This document is also undoubtedly a way of “pressuring” the judges who are currently considering Caltech’s appeal.

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