iPhone 13: Wi-Fi 6E for ever more speed

The iPhone 13 could definitely be upgraded with Wi-Fi 6E. This provides better performance for ever more speeds and reduced latency. It is also possible to have 6 GHz Wi-Fi. So far it’s 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The information comes from analysts at Barclays Bank. Sometimes they have good information because they get information from certain Apple vendors. Obviously, there is currently talk of Wi-Fi 6E for the iPhone 13.

Adding Wi-Fi 6E to iPhone 13 is especially beneficial for those who download large files. Additionally, many see a real interest in this technology compared to the Wi-Fi 6 that is present in the iPhone 12 today. “The 6 GHz band will perhaps be the most important asset” in the last 20 years. Years, said a Broadcom executive earlier this year. In France, Xavier Niel praised the services. “The Wi-Fi 6 that has an interest will bring us more speed. Which Wi-Fi 6 will bring us the highest speed? It’s Wi-Fi 6E. Why ? Because it adds a third frequency band, ”he said in July.

In addition to the iPhone 13, analysts consider an iPhone SE Plus unlikely. There has been some discussion about it already, but Apple seems to have given up on the idea. At least for now.

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