iPhone 13: An all black concept worthy of Darth Vader

As the name suggests, iConceptPhones specializes in realizing nice 3D concepts for the next Apple products. Your vision of the iPhone 13 would undoubtedly have something that could personally seduce Darth Vader. The iPhone 13 from iConceptPhones is jet black and coated with a highly reflective material. It undoubtedly goes very well with Luke Skywalker’s father’s black helmet. It remains to be seen whether it would go into Mr. Everyone’s hands. Color lovers can always fall back on pink, gray and red models. The Instagram page doesn’t specify any components (not even fantasized) but we can at least see that the rear photo unit contains 3 sensors. So excited about this flashy iPhone 13?

“I’m your … (beep, beep)” … “Uh, wait two seconds, Luke, I have to take the call.”

This iPhone 13 concept is based on a future model that is slightly thinner than the current iPhone 12/12 Pro

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