Instagram and WhatsApp deactivate functions in Europe

Facebook announces the deactivation of certain functions in Europe on Instagram and WhatsApp. This follows the European guidelines.

Therefore, the surveys in Europe are no longer available on Instagram and WhatsApp. The same goes for some stickers on Instagram and personalized responses on Messenger. Sending certain files is also no longer available in Messenger. The same goes for nicknames that have disappeared or the ability to share augmented reality effects via private messages on Instagram.

Facebook has temporarily deactivated certain functions on Instagram and WhatsApp in order to comply with the new rules for data use in Europe. This measure is part of the implementation of the 2002 Directive on the Protection of Privacy and Electronic Communications (ePrivacy Directive) at national level. This directive prescribes stricter rules for the use of data for communication services that are operated in countries that are part of the European Union.

Facebook plans to restore the various functions mentioned above on Instagram and WhatsApp in Europe. The social network hasn’t given an exact date, but it promises The Verge that it will be “very soon”.

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