Apple Store: Reception without an appointment is possible again (subject to change)

The French Apple Stores can be reached again without an appointment being required. As indicated in an internal MacG communication, there are very specific conditions at this time of health crisis.

The first is that the receipt in the Apple Store without an appointment affects France, but not Belgium or Switzerland. Then only Apple Stores that have been converted into “Storefront” (counter at the entrance) or “Stations” (transparent walls on tables inside) have the right. This applies to all business in France.

There’s also a reason for coming. Would you like to buy a product? Then you can enter the Apple Store normally. Do you need to go to the Genius Bar for customer service? You need an appointment. In addition, reception in the Apple Store can be restricted when there is a lot going on. Likewise, Apple doesn’t want employee-customer interactions to last longer than 15 minutes. If it doesn’t take long, the customer will be prompted to use the Apple Online Store.

After all, Apple is already considering stopping drop-in reception in Apple Stores if there is too much influx every day. So this is mostly a test for the time being.

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