Apple Music will be offered to TikTok users for 4 months

Apple is currently offering 4 months free on Apple Music for TikTok users. The manufacturer displays an ad highlighting official playlists from the social network. Users are then invited to listen to their offerings through their streaming service.

“Check out the new TikTok official playlists. We are giving Apple Music four months to start listening, ”said Apple at TikTok, explaining the Apple Music offer. The app user just needs to touch the button to get the 4 months as The Apple Post notes.

One thing should be noted: Not everyone at TikTok can use the 4 months that are offered for Apple Music. In fact, the message states that this only affects new users. Those who have or have had an Apple Music subscription cannot use it. The same applies to those who have already activated their free trial.

Apple has offered similar deals on Apple Music in the past. Last month, the manufacturer allowed Shazam to offer up to five months. A similar offer from last year made it possible to offer up to six months. At TikTok, it’s four months. It’s smart because Apple knows very well that the social network is used a lot by young people. They are the ones who use the streaming services first.

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