AirPods Max: Apple talks about battery life without a protective case

Apple has provided some clarification on the autonomy of its AirPods Max headset. The manufacturer talks about the difference if the helmet owner uses (or doesn’t) the Smart Case protective cover.

If you put your AirPods Max down and leave it on for five minutes, it will go into sleep mode. After 72 hours it switches to an extremely low consumption mode. This will disable Bluetooth and locate functionality to further extend battery life.

With the Smart Case, the AirPods Max immediately switches to energy-saving mode to extend the battery life. After 18 hours it switches to ultra-low consumption mode. They are therefore the same modes with or without a housing, but they are activated at different times.

So, strictly speaking, there is no way to turn the AirPods Max off completely. Some users would like to have a button right on the headset to turn it on or off. Others hope that Apple will offer a software update to have an equivalent system and fill the gap.

The autonomy of the AirPods Max can be up to 20 hours. It only takes five minutes to recharge to achieve 1h30 autonomy. At least that’s what Apple claims. As a reminder, the headphones were announced last week at a price of € 629.

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