SFR RED 200 GB cellular plan at € 15 / month for Christmas

SFR RED is restarting its mobile plan for Christmas with an Internet contingent of 200 GB at € 15 / month. This offer was offered a few weeks ago on Black Friday. The new offer starts today and ends on December 20th.

SFR RED offers a package with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The internet quota is 200 GB in the French metropolis. Calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited for the use of the package in Europe and in the overseas departments. The internet envelope is 15 GB.

The 200 GB package for € 15 / month is now available on the SFR RED website. As mentioned earlier, the offer is available until December 20th.

Some are probably wondering if this package includes 5G support. The answer is no. It offers access to 2G, 3G and 4G depending on the coverage of the area you are in. If you want a 5G package at SFR RED, you have to accept the offer for € 25 / month. This offers an internet quota of 130 GB. However, it is good to note that SFR’s 5G coverage is more than low at the moment. This is the worst of the four operators, as we’ve seen in this article.

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