Riots at iPhone factory: Unions accuse Indian government of beating angry workers

The unrest in the Indian factory in Wistron may show the limits of (very) inexpensive relocation. The suppliers are more and more tempted to exceed the wishes of their major customers, also to create a little leeway. In Wistron, this policy of the less telling social was destroyed by the anger of the workers. Contrary to what a Wistron representative said, the rioters were actually employees of the factory, and the latter actually protested against unworthy working conditions, as some wages had not been paid for months.

Wistron employees break the factory windows. Apple’s supplier was still not concerned about alleged and repeated labor law violations.

In light of this overwhelming observation, the Government of India chose… to take the supplier’s side: Hundreds of employees were arrested and no investigations into working conditions at the factory were launched. This double standard is heavily criticized by the AICCTU (All India Central Council of Trade Unions). This trade union union, one of the largest in the country, today denounces the complete lack of reaction by the authorities: “The state government is extremely friendly to the company and ignores the whole thing. The violations committed in the factory” thundered the AICCTU.

For its part, Apple continues to hold back after it announced it would participate in the authorities’ investigation. Does this mean that the Californian will be happy with the official version (which clears Wistron of all errors)?

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