Parallels Desktop 16 supports Mac M1 with Windows

Parallels announces that Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac M1 is now available as a Technical Preview. With this software you can virtualize other operating systems. Windows ARM support is right there.

Microsoft does not currently sell a license for Windows ARM. However, it is possible to download the operating system through the Windows Insider program and then perform an installation. Users have confirmed that Windows ARM works fine with Parallels Desktop 16 on newer Macs.

Windows 10 ARM Insider Preview in @ParallelsMac on MacBook Pro M1 #Parallels # M1 # AppleM1 #AppleSilicon # AppleSiliconM1

– Alex Vasilchenko (@alexfreud) December 17, 2020

Unfortunately, Parallels Desktop 16 is limited on M1 Macs compared to Intel Macs. Here are the limitations:

It is not possible to install or start an Intel x86-based operating system in a virtual machine. It is not possible to pause and resume a virtual machine, including reverting to an “Running State” snapshot. The shutdown button does not work when a virtual machine is running. Instead, you must shut down the virtual machine. ARM32 applications do not work in a virtual machine

Parallels has not yet announced when the final version of Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac M1 will be available. The version for Intel Macs was released in August.

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