Facebook attacks Apple on the free internet

Facebook placed a second newspaper ad against Apple, this time on the free internet. The social network ensures that anti-tracking with iOS 14 affects this experience. The first ad was published yesterday.

The text from Facebook against Apple around the free Internet

Apple plans to roll out a forced software update that will change the Internet as we know it – for the worse.

Take your favorite cooking sites or sports blogs. Most of them are free because they show ads.

The Apple change will limit the ability to serve targeted ads. To make ends meet, many of them have to bill for subscriptions or add in-app purchases, which makes the internet a lot more expensive and reduces high-quality free content.

Aside from the damage to apps and websites, many in the small business community say this change will be devastating for them too, at a time when they are facing tremendous challenges. To grow, they must be able to effectively reach the people who are most interested in their products and services.

According to a new study by Deloitte, 44% of small and medium-sized businesses deployed or ramped up targeted advertising on social media during the pandemic. Without targeted advertising, Facebook data shows that the average small business advertiser sees over 60% revenue declines for every dollar spent.

Small businesses deserve to be heard. We are committed to Apple for our small business customers and our communities.

Apple believes that the user should be in control

Facebook uses strong words to alert the general public. The social network suggests that it is Apple’s fault if services on the internet become chargeable. It’s a way to pocket some of the public.

Apple has already responded to the first ad from Facebook. In particular, the iPhone maker believed that it was normal for users to have a choice. They must be able to accept or decline an application to track them. This will happen with an update to iOS 14 in 2021.

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