DEEMO Reborn plays his score on iOS (App Store Release)

DEEMO Reborn (App Store Link – € 2.99 – iPhone / iPad) is the second work in a franchise that could be described as a “narrative music game”. DEEMO Reborn is always invented by the very talented studio Rayark and articulates its rather classic gameplay phases (like Guitar Heroes or Rockband) with the rather confused story of a girl who literally fell from heaven. Our little heroine is in a strange castle and comes across “a mysterious tree that grows when the sound of the melody hovers in the air”.

The little girl then has to play the piano “with her heart” to let the tree grow and unlock new parts of the story. Yes, it’s pretty twisted, but at the same time intriguing enough to create an atmosphere of sweet melancholy specific to the South Korean studio’s productions. The high-quality production as well as the 60 playable classical music pieces will undoubtedly convince the fans of original music games.

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