Apple TV +: Apple would buy back the rights to the next two animated films from John Lasseter (Toy Story)

Pixar owes almost everything to John Lasseter. The former artistic director is the father of Toy Story, which is still considered THE 3D animated film that has proven that digital means of creation have a chance against traditional 2D. 25 years after that shock, 90% of major animation studios are only producing 3D movies, and Pixar has become a major part of the Disney group. In 2018, John Lasseter left Pixar after #Meetoo after being accused of “inappropriate behavior” towards female colleagues (mostly hugs that were a little too heavy).

John Lasseter

After a retirement phase, Kreative Skydance Media joined and produced two new animated films, Luck and Spellbound, both of which show a very young heroine. If Variety is to be believed, Apple would be very close to buying the broadcast rights for these two films, with the negotiation of those rights being overseen by Paramount, the owner of Skydance Media. Knowing that Spellbound will be out in late 2021 and that Luck is slated for 2022, the arrival of these two films on the French Apple TV + will be a long time to come (not to mention the media timeline).

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