Apple TV +: Apple is promoting the Tehran series by interviewing real spies

The Tehran espionage series achieved a decisive success. Tehran is largely inspired by series such as Homeland, which mix important geopolitical themes with suspense-packed action and espionage sequences. In addition, Tehran benefits from a level of production (photography, staging, scenario) that is worthy of the best of HBO’s successes. Apple is aware of the potential of its series and has just made an original joke to say the least. The video “Conversing with a Real Spy” shows us a real spy, Yola Reitman, talking about her undercover techniques, like this time when she was hired by a taxi service to get the address of a driver.

In addition, you need to know more about it.

The former spy also describes some of the Mossad’s selection criteria: “If you want to recruit someone for an undercover mission, look for certain characteristics. The ability to play a role and impersonate someone else. If you don’t have it, everything else doesn’t matter after that. “”

Tehran is an eight-part series that follows Tamar Rabinyan (Israeli actress Niv Sultan), a Mossad spy tasked with disabling an Iranian nuclear reactor (whatever). This extremely dangerous mission is a failure and Tamar Rabinyan must then take refuge in hiding.

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