Apple responds to Facebook attacks via iOS 14 anti-tracking

Apple has decided to respond to attacks by Facebook regarding its anti-tracking system with iOS 14. The social network carried out an attack in the newspapers and on its website yesterday. Today Apple is proposing this change for the benefit of users.

In a statement to several US media outlets, Apple said:

We believe that it is simply a matter of defending the interests of our users. Users need to know when their data is being collected and shared with other apps and websites. And they must have a choice of whether or not to allow it. The transparency of app tracking in iOS 14 isn’t forcing Facebook to change its approach to tracking users and creating targeted ads. It just requires that it give users a choice.

With an update to iOS 14 in 2021, users will be able to choose whether or not to allow apps to track them. If the user refuses, Facebook and other users will not be able to track the users’ activities. This will disrupt the social network that uses the data for targeted advertising. However, the positive point for users is a greater respect for privacy.

This feature should be available for iOS 14 this year. However, Apple has agreed to postpone it until 2021 due to criticism from advertisers.

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