AirPods Max: UPS refuses to ship headphones

There is a problem between AirPods Max and UPS. The logistics company refuses to deliver certain models of the Apple headset. There are several testimonials from the Canadian side, says iPhone In Canada.

Some people who have ordered AirPods Max from Apple have received a message from UPS. “There was an irregularity in this packaging related to hazardous materials. We will contact the sender with further information. The package will be returned to the sender. “The sender here is none other than Apple.

The exact reason for the problem between UPS and AirPods Max is not yet known. However, some customers suspect this has to do with the labeling of the package as the headset has a battery.

Of course, customers have contacted UPS and Apple to find out more about their order. UPS gives a general answer. On the Apple website, we always announce a new delivery via UPS. However, this should take a week. In any case, it is amazing to see that this problem only seems to affect Canada.

Apple announced the AirPods Max last week for $ 629. The first deliveries were made the day before yesterday. An order placed today will not be delivered until February 2021. The trick to getting them quickly is to place an order online and pick it up at a physical Apple store.

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