A mystery left by a serial killer: A code that no one could solve for half a century is finally revealed

The key to unlocking one of the codes of the serial killer Zodiac, which no one could solve for 51 years, was discovered in early December by a cryptanalysis team of civilians from the United States, Australia and Belgium. The US FBI also acknowledges the legitimacy of the decrypted message.

The Zodiac statement “Z340” (called this because of the 340-letter alphabet and symbols) was first sent to the San Francisco Chronicle in November 1969. It was sent to the newspaper, along with a series of other ciphertexts, blackmails, and evidence (a piece of victim’s clothing).

Part of the code was cracked at the time of the incident, but the “Z340” remained unbreakable for 51 years. But this time, David Oranchuck of the United States, Sam Blake of Australia, and Jar van Eyck of Belgium tried to decipher again using the deciphering software developed by Blake.

In a YouTube video posted last week, Oranchuck detailed the process leading up to the decryption and why it took so long (in addition to the fact that the Zodiac Killer wasn’t good at spelling, the code also wrote. Was making a misalignment).

The text finally revealed by the cryptanalyst is:

“I wonder if everyone is having fun trying to catch me. I’m not the one who appears on TV shows and talks about me anyway. I’m not afraid to be sent to the gas chamber. Go to heaven. It’s only early, and there are a lot of slaves working for me. Others are afraid of death because they go to heaven empty-handed. I’m not afraid of death, because my new life is dead in heaven. Because it’s a peaceful life to welcome

(The TV show refers to a person who tricked the criminal of the Zodiac case into a San Francisco morning TV show in October 1969, talking to Attorney Marvin Berry.)

Oranchak submitted the results of the three to the FBI earlier this month. The FBI then admitted that the code had been broken.

#Breaking –Our statement regarding the #Zodiac cipher:

— FBI SanFrancisco (@FBISanFrancisco) December 11, 2020

In an interview with The New York Times, Oranchuck replied: “I don’t think that ciphertext message is a useful substitute for the police. It’s the same silly content that the criminal wrote as he pleased. It’s just to hurt and scare people.”

Blake added: “This crypto is positioned as the Holy Grail of the crypto industry. We haven’t been captured for 50 years, so every effort to find a clue to the solution was a big business … we were lucky. Not only was it able to find diamond grains in the vast desert, but it was also possible to select the right desert to start looking for diamonds. ”

Zodiac was confirmed to have killed at least five people in the Bay Area in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The identity of the criminal is still unknown. The mysterious 13-character ciphertext left in April 1970 (starting with “My name is …” and followed by a message) is still undeciphered.

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